HDK 133 † SILVER SWORD "Wrath of the Ultimate Barbarian" CASSETTE

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"You are the last survivor of a tribe of fierce barbarians. The evil Death Viper has slaughtered your people with deception and his thugs. You are the only survivor: now you are the last of the barbarians in your lineage and thirst for revenge!”


"Silver Sword, the Wrath of the Ultimate Barbarian" is the name of a video game designed in Japan in 1990 for the 16-bit Vortex console. Due to issues related to the bankruptcy of the software house - a sub-label of Taito - the game never saw market release even though it was virtually completed. It was a clone of Golden Axe, the famous barbaric-setting videogame produced by Sega in 1989, and precisely because of its gross similarities to the famous arcade, the game was the subject of a court dispute that prevented its market entry.

Thanks to the valuable undercover work of its many agents around the world, the HDK team got its hands on the fantastic soundtrack of this unknown video game. The barbaric atmosphere, combative melodies, carefully crafted arrangements and highly varied song structures make these compositions by an unknown author a small masterpiece. You will burn with rage at the evil deeds of Death Viper and immediately want to step into the shoes of the barbaric protagonist of Silver Sword seeking revenge!

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