HDK 132 † DAVIDE RICCI "The Occult Summoner" CASSETTE

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An isolated village on the northern cliffs, where an icy wind from the ocean always blows, is plagued with a curse: the men of the village disappear into the night without a trace. The villagers attribute these disappearances to a vengeful spirit: the mermaid Caoimhe, daughter of the God of Waves and a Wicca priestess, killed in the archaic era by a bandit from the village. Legend has it that sooner or later the mermaid's spirit would return for revenge... and perhaps that time has come.


There are horrors as ancient as the universe, which no one can conceive without a nauseating sense of vertigo: the music contained in this tape is the soundtrack of nightmares in which these horrors take a real, tangible, living form; nightmares that only authors like H.P. Lovecraft and C.A. Smith have been able to describe with firm lucidity and at the same time with such vivid madness.

The eleven tracks of this musical adventure will drag you into an intense and uncompromising musical experience.