HDK 130 † V.A. "HDK Dungeon-synth magazine #8" CASSETTE

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Hello dungeoncrawlers!

The usual appointment with your favorite cassette magazine (the only one, right?) is now at the eighth chapter. We are really happy that many big names in the dungeon synth scene are asking us to take part into this project. HDK is a label that tries to give strength to ideas, not names or individual glory, however we are honoured to have some old acquaintance of the dungeon synth scene on these pages. It means that HDK DS Magazine has entered the heart of all of you: this is the most important thing for us!

In this summer issue you can enter the mysterious icy sound of Örnatorpet which with “The frozen lake” gives us a classic essay of his unmistakable style. The catacombal composer called Ozeregroth takes us to doom/black territories with a classic dungeon crawl named “Three orbits skull”. Changing the side of the cassette, we have the Greek Rhodian with an essay of ambient music with “The vault of evil”. In the end we find Nirgendsmeer with “Sadhbh’s sword sighs” that takes us into chiptune environment with a soundtrack that would look good in some level of “Ghouls’n’ghost”.

Happy listening and see you next time!