HDK 13 † BASIC DUNGEON "Tunnels & Tresures II" CASSETTE

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What was the first dungeon you explored? For us, children of the 80s, certainly the solo-adventure of the red player-manual of Dungeons & Dragons base set! So, the second chapter of "Tunnels & Treasures" is the soundtrack of that classic Reagan-era dungeon!


With an original cover by the Italian artist Stefano Artibani that revisits the illustration by Jeff Easley in the D&D red manual, "Tunnels & Treasures II" will transport you back in time, in an era when few pixels on a black screen were enough to create feelings of fear and mystery!



"You are inside a dungeon wrapped in darkness and you have to explore its wet and cold tunnels. You have no other source of light than your torch. You will encounter threats of all kinds: monsters and traps can be around every corner. Good exploration..."