HDK 125 † GNOLL "Cro-man II: the curse of the wizard" CASSETTE

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Croman is back! Here's the sequel to the best-selling HDK tape of 2020, an overwhelming new soundtrack from the barbaric ensemble called GNOLL!

GNOLL pushed his dusty synthesizers to the limit, set up his amplifiers to 10, and set out on a heroic ride with the determination of a Cimmerian warrior. Hard to find a dungeon-synth album as epic as "The Curse of the Wizard"!


"The Curse of the Wizard" is a dazzling tribute to the masters of terrifyingly epic cinematic music of the 20th century: the immortal Miklós Rózsa (Quo Vadis?, Ben Hur, King of Kings), the portentous Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian, Robocop) and the powerful Franco Campanino (Sangraal - La Spada di Fuoco).

This album was born from the barbaric collaboration between Heimat der Katastrophe and Underworld Muscle, forge of heroes and demons! Underworld Muscle produces vigorous action figures according to the taste of us kids of the 80s.

"The Curse of the Wizard" by GNOLL is the soundtrack to Croman's second novel, published by Underworld Muscle Toys & Enterteinment. Cover artwork by Samuel Allan.