HDK 122 † DUNJON MAGIK "The Syndicate at Sovad" CASSETTE

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A darkness has been spreading throughout the land. Members of a criminal society known only as the Black Sphinx Syndicate have been convening annually in the remote township of Sovad for some nefarious purpose. Up until now, the nature of these meetings has been cloaked in secrecy.

Head officials working for the Crown’s high command have assembled an elite taskforce to travel to Sovad and try to retrieve intel on the details of these yearly gatherings. Now you and your fellow adventurers await a special delivery beside a black lamppost along a wooded road at twilight...

What lies ahead in Sovad, and do you have what it takes to accomplish your mission?


The wacky bunch of RPG players called "Bugbear Brothers" asked us to write the soundtrack of a fantasy scenario they created, with the intriguing and enigmatic title of "The Syndicate at Sovad".
The sordid synth-ensemble called DUNJON MAGIK, author of weird and crazy albums like "Beyond the Silvered Pane" and "The land where nothing is as it seems" has been hired for the mission.

DUNJON MAGIK, despite the thousand pitfalls that lurked in every corner of the Sovad region and the pints of strong beer drained during the recording sessions, completed the mission successfully.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The digital album includes the the complete RPG scenario in .PDF! (cover & internal illustrations by Carlos Casthilo)