HDK 121 † V.A. "HDK Dungeon-synth magazine # 7" CASSETTE

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Hello dungeoncrawlers!

With this seventh chapter of your favorite dungeonsynth magazine on tape, we intensify the pace of the releases. In fact, this is the second spring issue of this 2022: your contributions are many and we thank you from our heart for all the commitment and affection you show! We also remind you that, in addition to music, we are very pleased to receive proposals from writers to help us conceive the stories. On the other hand, the peculiarity of this magazine is indeed the union of stories and music, in a logic of strict reciprocity. When music and words reach perfect synergy, both are empowered as in a magical spell.

In this chapter, we get off to a great start with Fogweaver. Behind this name there are well-known characters from the Dungeon Synth scene with several projects. Here they delight our ears with the soundtrack of a cemetery tale, with gothic features and rather full of action: it is called “The lady in the graveyard” and tells of a young adventurer who finds himself in bad troubles. It continues with Apparition of the plains: behind this intriguing monicker we find a new artist of the DS scene who, with his Casio HT-700, takes us on a story inspired by the US activist John Brown. The beautiful story is titled “The march on the breach” and mixes the diary formula with historical and fantastic references.

Turning the side of the tape, we start off again with momentum with the epic Unsheathed Glory and his “The rivals”: it is the story of two powerful wizards, once friends, then ferocious antagonists, whose truce is interrupted by a kidnapping. But is this really the case? Our compilation ends with the surprising Topografia, an intriguing and evocative sound project directly inspired by Tangerine Dream. With “El culto del eclipse” that universe of sound is placed in a Masonic and disturbing context, made of superstition and fanaticism.

What else to add? Happy listening and see you next time!