HDK 120 † V.A. "HDK Dungeon-synth magazine # 6" CASSETTE

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Hello dungeoncrawlers!

Our magazine continues with its first issue of 2022, consolidating its formula and offering you some interesting news of the international Dungeon Synth scene. Since we started we have received a lot of music and requests for collaboration: we thank you for the enthusiasm you show for this initiative by HDK and we ask all those who have already sent their contributions to be patient, you are many and your time will come to see your contribution on these pages!

We often ask ourselves: what is Dungeon Synth? What are its features? Certainly this musical genre has quite wide boundaries, but synthesizers are not enough: the “synth” element is as important as the “dungeon” one, which comes first. So we think that the atmosphere is a key element of this kind of music. The ability of sounds to let us travel with our imagination. For this reason, sometimes the choice of sounds counts at least as much as our ability to weave good melodies and build well-made arrangements. Dungeon synth music works when it can make us visualize vivid, magical and mysterious visions. It’s music that works on the innermost corners of our imagination!

Now, let’s take a look at what this sixth volume of your favorite cassette magazine has to offer! We begin with “The Swamp of Eternal Night” a classic quest that leads us into the enigmatic territories of an incongruous and unknown nature. The delicate musical interpretation of the artist called “In the vast forest” perfectly fits this story full of mysticism in dark tones. We continue with a surprise: “Save the forest, little flower” is a story conceived and set to music by the writer Løgan McCurter with his unmistakable approach... comfy synth! The American writer offers us a fantastic example of how effective it can be to play the memories of the fairy tales of our childhood.

On the other side of the tape, we find the brave Leafbutterfly with a story inspired by the famous 16-bit video game Dungeon Master: “Lord of Chaos” is in fact a tribute to the most terrible enemy of that wonderful game we used to play spending many hours when we were just kids. Finally, Necron95 brings us into martial arts territories: “The Pagoda of Certain Death” is in fact a story inspired by kung-fu movies but also by another famous video game, the legendary “Kung-fu master”.