HDK 119 † STEVEN GRACE "Eleventh hour" CASSETTE

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Listen / Buy digital version here:  STEVEN GRACE - Eleventh hour

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We immediately fell in love with Steven Grace's music: music composed with intelligence, well focused on the emotions it wants to convey, careful in the choice of sounds... When we asked to introduce himself to the HDK audience, Steven did so with the sense of proportion that distinguishes his style: “I've been making electronic music since 1990. My first two albums were privately distributed as homemade cassettes to friends, but since then I've released nine albums via the internet. My main project has been LOGIC GATE, for music in the “Berlin School” style, but I've also released instrumental electronic music of various styles under my own name, plus one album under the project name WOGGLEFOLD. My music is available here:

stevengrace.bandcamp.com and logicgate.bandcamp.com.

For me, “Eleventh Hour” is the soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Stylistically, the album marks a return to my original electronic music style, which was rock-influenced. “Eleventh Hour” was originally released in 2014. This HDK version is slightly remastered and includes the previously-unreleased track “The City Awakens”. I hope you enjoy it”.

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Sure Steven, they will enjoy it! As far as we are concerned, we were delighted by “Eleventh Hour": a nocturnal-mood EM album (reminds us of some magnificent De Wolfe and Bruton music libraries of the early ‘80s) that we have decided to publish for the first time on physical support for the joy of all of you, dear collectrors of musical quirks.

The crepuscular and muffled atmospheres of the songs of “Eleventh hour” brought to mind night flights, glittering deserted airports, waiting in stopovers of steel and moquette: a bittersweet sense of twilight alienation. Well... Steven told us that airplanes has nothing to do with his album :) but, after all, it's the beauty of the music: everyone imagines it differently!

Have a good listening!