HDK 117 † GNOLL "The Kiss of the Spider-God (Mazes O.S.T.)" CASSETTE + R.P.G. MODULE

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Listen / Buy digital version here:  GNOLL - The Kiss of the Spider​-​God (Mazes O​.​S​.​T​.​)


Damp dungeons carved out of the mountains flow into magical valleys where ruins of ancient castles and monasteries rise, places where dark legends come to life and unimaginable threats lie in wait to be revealed by the light of your torches...


After several months of silence, the ensemble named GNOLL is back in the news with a monumental album where dungeon-synth music meets 80s fantasy movie soundtracks to describe atmospheres of mystery and wonder.

"The Kiss of the Spider-God" is an epic three-part adventure scenario for the role-playing game MAZES, published by 9Th LEVEL Games. GNOLL was commissioned by 9TH LEVEL GAMES to write and record the original soundtrack of "The Kiss of the Spider-God" scenario: the result is a rich musical tale divided into 15 tracks, where moments of exploration and wonderment at the fantastic alternate with scenes of frantic action and combat against magical and terrifying creatures. GNOLL has dusted off his old analog synthesizers and unleashed his creativity to offer a worthy tribute to his masters of the past, such as Basil Poledouris, Jerry Goldsmith and Miklos Rozsa.


"The Kiss of the Spider-God" O.S.T. is available in a luxurious double-cassette limited edition: the first case contains the tape with the soundtrack, and the second case collects three 24-page booklets (the three parts of the adventure scenario, complete with a section devoted to monsters) and the four dungeon maps to explore. All this is meant to allow the listener to follow the adventure step by step, as if he or she were himself or herself lowered into the dungeon with sword in hand in the flickering light of the torch.

Enjoy your exploration!