HDK 115 † DUNGEON GUERRILLA "Hunt on the nazi-necromancer" CASSETTE

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The year is 1943. Deep in the forests of the Balkans, a lone company of Yugoslav partisans received a radio message:

"Based on intelligence, we suspect that a special detachment led by Count Klaus Krämer, better known as the Nazi Necromancer, arrived in the capital by train three days ago. We also know that the convoy, which we assume is under the Count's command, left Belgrade yesterday and that he set out through the Morava valley

to the south. We do not know the further intentions or the destination of the enemy. Your task is to find and destroy this threat, but approach the execution of the task with extreme caution. To our knowledge, the Count is a high-ranking Abenerbe officer and a black magician of great power, and by all accounts, he will be the most serious adversary your unit has ever encountered. The General Staff wishes to emphasize once again that the battles on your front are as significant as the battles of our heroic brigades and divisions. We wish you a lot of success. Death to fascism freedom to the people! Comrade Tito ".


When at the HDK headquarters we listened by chance "Hunt on the nazi necromancer" by DUNGEON GUERRILLA we jumped from the chair: what a beautiful album, where dungeon-synth, apocalyptic folk, ambient and martial industrial mixed together with a rare ability and with a unique concept! But not only that: it was also the anti-fascist attitude that made us fall in love with this album, so much so that we asked the authors for permission to publish it on tape with HDK. Therefore, a year after its release date, "Hunt on the nazi necromancer" by DUNGEON GUERRILLA appears in HDK catalog with a original artwork and new narrative content!