HDK 113 † V.A. "Warpland" CASSETTE

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"A war, the only war ever fought, devastated the world. The wise and advanced Eloi used their technology to try to defeat the furious Morlocks army. This confrontation devastated the world until it was unrecognizable. Until powerful crystals were shattered and their power began to stain all that existed. Until an disturbing maelstrom engulfed the sky. Reality changed profoundly, in the very essence of things. Neither side dared to claim victory; the former were tortured by an illness of the soul while the latter took refuge in dark caves underground. The Void spread. A new age of men began".


From the collaboration between the author Gavriel Quiroga, some excellent contemporary dungeon-synth / fantasy artists and the HDK team, this collection of songs was born: the official soundtrack of WARPLAND, an independent fantasy RPG that has received numerous enthusiastic reviews around the world.