HDK 111 † ξόρκι "Nekroastika" CASSETTE

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A hallucinated vampire woman wanders in an ill-famed square in the city, in a basement, a mad shaman tries to revive a man with macabre botany experiments, gangs of chaos-worshiping thugs challenge each other with machetes in the city center, a teenage party turns into a bloody orgy, a clandestine radio station transmits sound frequencies that drive people crazy ... these and many other oddities you will find in the mysterious cult-movie entitled "NEKROASTIKA", shot by a band of perverts directors, in the streets of a dirty and leaden Athens, in an unspecified year.

ξόρκι, the author of the soundtrack, tried to enclose in the songs the sick state of mind of the film, where liters of blood and violence flow, where everything takes place in disturbing sequences bordering on the snuff movie.

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Inside the cassette of "NEKROASTIKA" you will find a 24-page booklet where we have collected the script notes used for the making of the movie, in the original version in Greek and translated into English.