HDK 108 † TEETH OF GLASS "Autopsia Edström" CASSETTE

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Between the '60s and the '80s the production of pulp magazines in Italy was flourishing and incredibly varied: every month hundreds of paperbacks containing strange, adventurous or more often terrifying stories came out on the newsstands.

Among the most popular italian pulp magazines was the horror series "I Racconti di Dracula" (Tales of Dracula) published by Baron Cantarella: each issue of "I Racconti di Dracula" contained a grim and disturbing story, inspired by Italian gothic and giallo cinema, written by anonymous, non-professional authors, who typed in the evening after work to supplement their salary. The mainstream culture branded those publications as "garbage” and they were banned to those under 18.

In the 1980s, after the series had closed due to poor sales, someone came up with the idea of making a television adaptation of "I Racconti di Dracula". Docuvideo TV participated in a consortium of local TV networks that wanted to finance the production. Unfortunately, due to economic problems, the project did not succeed: what remains are the scripts and the soundtracks composed by the maestro Denti di Vetro (TEETH OF GLASS).

Today HDK, inaugurating its series called "Morbid tales", proposes (in episodes) the "I Racconti di Dracula" soundtracks by TEETH OF GLASS, attaching to the cassette a booklet with the complete scripts. Here is the first episode, "Autopsia Edström": a disturbing and heinous psychological slasher-movie set in a New York at the same time dark and glittering.

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"... She let out a hallucinating scream. Before she fainted, she felt an excruciating pain on her neck, something sharp made its way through the tendons and veins like a ravenous animal driven mad by hunger. Blue tore at her flesh with his teeth and laughed, gurgling uncontrollably. Judy lost her life in less than a minute ..."

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This tape is a tribute by HDK to "I Racconti di Dracula", a series of pulp novels published in Italy from 1959 to 1981, today completely forgotten. A special thanks goes to all those authors with fictional names (Jeremy Selenius, Daniel Scott, Frank Graegorius, Red Schneider, Morton Sidney.... and others) who, in anonymity, wrote hundreds of wacky and sick stories that entertained and frightened us. They will never join the ranks of the true "writers", but they yet have a prestigious place in our personal Olympus of the Heroes of Weird Culture.

"Autopsia Edström" by Jeremy Selenius was originally published in "I Racconti di Dracula" n. 66 (Edizioni Antonio Farolfi, 1974).