HDK 104 † V.A. "HDK Dungeon-synth magazine vol. 5" cassette

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Hello dungeoncrawlers!

With this fifth chapter of HDK Dungeon Synth Magazine we cut the ribbon and enter the second year of life! A year of extraordinary adventures, of intrepid descents into the dungeons of our imagination, facing our most hidden fears and the most frightening monsters. But also by conquering lots of treasures, magical weapons and earning a ton of experience points!

We want to thank all the artists who have finished their quest in these first five episodes and those who are still struggling with the conclusion of their projects for HDK Dungeon Synth Magazine. And above all to thank all those who are still waiting patiently to see their work published. It’s a tough quest, we know, but we hope that, in the end, it will be very satisfying!

With this new Christmas chapter we want to offer you even more music and for this we have “extended” the traditional compilation duration to accommodate two old acquaintances from the HDK catalog, as well as two fantastic new artists. We start with ICEWIND DALE from Sweden and his “A distant apocalypse”, a classic evocative and mysterious sound built with very old school pads and strings. Then we find MAAL DWEB, the silent entity devoted to the classic tales of Clark Ashton Smith, who with his “The maze of the enchanter” gives life to a little jewel of Dungeon synth enhanced with ... classical guitar! Changing sides, we arrive at the epic and sensual GARADRAK with his “The monolith of the future vision”, a tragic and unpredictable story about the vaguely “peplum” atmospheres woven by this remarkable and creative artist from the Czech Republic. DUNJON MAGIK closes this chapter with “The abyss”, an experimental journey - as this artist has accustomed us - into a hallucinated vision in trap sauce of the Dungeon Synth. Hurray!