HDK 103 † V.A. "HDK Dungeon-synth magazine # 4" CASSETTE

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Happy Halloween! With the fourth chapter of this project we experience the classic formula of “scary tales” like in many horror movies of the 80s! Short and terrifying stories, in the best tradition of exploitation. How do you “scare” with music? There are many different approaches: you can work on the timbre of sounds, creating disturbing and alien sound waves that send shivers down your spine. Or weave dark and sinister melodies. Or even work on the dynamics, with sudden clusters that make you jump out of your chair. But of course the roads could be many more, it is only our imagination to follow them all!

For now, we can see how our four party members from this episode of your favorite cassette magazine have dealt with it: Ris from Serbia, which set the terrifying tale “Into the necropolis” to music, or Geisterbeschwörer from Spain with “Livin’ in a dark age”, a hopeless story where everyone betrays everyone. Changing side, we find the original and surprising Nameless Grave with its Lovecraftian nightmare “The Brookford horror”. And finally it closes with the Greek Heaven which gives us the power to govern entire civilizations over the millennium as in old videogames such as “Populous”, “Megalomania” or “Civilization”.

What else to say? Happy listening and be careful ...you may not be alone in your room!
Released October 31, 2021