HDK 100 † KOBOLD "The legend of the wicked pirates" cassette

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A kidnapping of a duke's young daughter, an unknown island from which no one has ever returned alive, a gang of mysterious pirates and their legendary treasure... what does it all mean? Obvious: the beginning of another adventure!


Kobold, the small-chaotic master of the dungeon synth chiptune, returns with a new and exciting album: this time the party will have to face the perils of the South Seas with its tropical climate, a dangerous jungle and a dungeon inside an ancient volcano! But they will also have to face a horde of ravenous... zombie pirates! Viktor, Bloodwyn, Sarohma, Garandir, Fir and Zothen will rely on their weapons and spells to save the daughter of Goran Besor, Duke of the island of Julan But, whose ambition to rule the entire archipelago is well known.


Kobold's musical formula continues to fascinate its fans: fantastic melodies, synthetic sounds inspired by the 8-16 bit universe and meticulous arrangements are combined with dark dungeon synth atmospheres in a unique mix of nostalgic retro-mania, old school fantasy RPG and a true 80s spirit dosed with extreme wisdom. Amazing what this little humanoid with only 4 hit points can do!