HDK 10 † SIDEREAL FORTRESS "The forgotten tomb of Yshnak" CASSETTE

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One day, Yshnak, Archmage of Thorn, skilled of elementalism and witchcraft, runs off into the mountains and builds a dungeon-fortress where he can cultivate, undisturbed, his passion for the darkest magic… Here he casually finds the idol of an ancient deity called Urkuul and thanks to it he comes close to knowing... the secret of immortality!!! Aaargh! Then, nobody knows what happened to this solitary magician...
After a difficult journey on snowly Xirgaax mountains, you will reach the entrance of the menacing dungeon of the archmage and explore its icy tunnels. The secret you seek is here, but, my friend, beware to the monstrous mysteries are hidden!


SIDEREAL FORTRESS has created a rich and multifaceted soundtrack with epic and obscure tones, which will brighten your gloomy afternoons and your weekend outings in antique and humid dungeons...