HDK 09 † THONGOR "His doom in the eye of a skeletal king" CASSETTE

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A barbaric hero of the Sword & Sorcery silver age relives in this new release of the Dungeonostalgie series by HDK! He's Thongor, the Conan-esque character created by Lin Carter in the late 60s and protagonist of a short comics series published by Marvel in 70s...


"His doom in the eye of a skeletal king" is a jewel of barabaric dungeon-synth music inspired by the soundtracks of Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian) and Carlo Maria Cordio (Ator, Endgame, L'ultimo Guerriero, Anno 2020: i Gladiatori del Futuro) with ancestral and bewitched atmospheres.


"At the time of this tale, Thongor of Valkhart was still a young warrior of the black hawk tribe and lived on the shores of the great northern ocean called Zharanga Tethrabaal. This story tells about the young Thongor's first encounter with death, fear and doom, when he saw his destiny written in the hollow eye of an ancient Lemurian king who has been dead for thousands years. There Thongor saw a great and terrible doom at the same time: he could see himself projected into a future of glory and death"

Thanks to Lin Carter (1930-1988) and his powerful imagination.