HDK 06 † BASIC DUNGEON "Tunnels & Treasures" CASSETTE

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A striking album of minimal dungeon-synth came out from a dark past. A past in which few white pixels on a black screen were enough to create marvelous and barbaric worlds.


In the Cold War era, many of us spent sleepless nights in front of video-RPGs like Sword of Fargoal, Ultima I and Phantasie, dreaming of the enchanted and brave worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.
You can relive those glorious and heroic epoque with "Tunnels and Treasures" by Basic Dungeon, a lost early 80s video-RPG soundtrack. Find out how intriguing and intense the exploration of pixeled dungeons could be in the 8-bit era.


"You are inside a dungeon wrapped in darkness and you have to explore his wet and cold tunnels. You have no other source of light than your torch. You will encounter threats of all kinds: monsters and traps can be around every corner. Good exploration..."