HDK 04 † ᐊᐳᑦ "ᐸᓇ" CASSETTE

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Frosty winds blow into the Heimat der Katastrophe headquarters...
The mysterious tape of ᐊᐳᑦ, cold and enigmatic, plays in our boomboxes... coming from eternal snows at the edge of the world, ᐸᓇ (knife) is ecstatic winter-synth in the veins of the best Paysage D'Hiver and Vinterriket. It's the soundtrack of a journey without return, in ice dungeons and valleys swept by snow storms.
Enjoy this experience of cold and loneliness, enjoy the music of ᐊᐳᑦ.

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(Clark Ashton Smith,1934)

My heart is made a necromancer's glass,
Where homeless forms and exile phantoms teem,
Where faces of forgotten sorrows gleam
And dead despairs archaic peer and pass:
Grey longings of some weary heart that was
Possess me, and the multiple, supreme,
Unwildered hope and star-emblazoned dream
Of questing armies. . . Ancient queen and lass,
Risen vampire-like from out the wormy mould,
Deep in the magic mirror of my heart
Behold their perished beauty, and depart.
And now, from black aphelions far and cold,
Swimming in deathly light on charnel skies,
The enormous ghosts of bygone worlds arise.