HDK 02 † KOBOLD "The cave of the lost talisman" LP

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Listen / Buy in digital format here:  KOBOLD - The cave of the lost talisman

"The Cave of the Lost Talisman" by Kobold was published on cassette in the fall of 2017 and was the first HDK release in the so-called “Dungeonostalgie” series. The debut of the mysterious Kobold immediately aroused the interest of dungeon-synth fans in HDK, a hitherto unknown label. What was the reason for Kobold's immediate success? We guess the quality of the compositions, the power of the setting and, of course, the references to the 16-bit era video-games music and 80s fantasy role-playing games! In fact, "Cave of the Lost Talisman" is conceived as the soundtrack of a real adventure scenario in full Dungeons & Dragons style: each song refers to a place on the dungeon map and describes a game situation, so the listener - following the plot of the adventure and the music - can live an intense and engaging experience. In this vinyl version of "Cave of the Lost Talisman" the game gets more immersive: here, in addition to the music, you will find a 24-pages RPG adventure module complete with map and illustrations modeled on the old D&D game accessories. You can use it with any old-school RPG rule system and organize an adventure campaign with your friends!