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…A murderer wanders the shabby streets of the city, between gloomy concrete buildings, under the pale sky. In the background, a delusional legend about a witch burned at the stake, strange sadistic rites and the consume of bad drugs…”.

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Confessions of a Satan's Priestess is the soundtrack of the homonymous giallo/thriller movie shot in a parallel dimension in the late 1970s and never reached us. The film tells a story of witchcraft, satanism and sadism with blurred contours: unfortunately we have just a very rough synopsis, which briefly describes some scenes from the movie...

  • Scene 1: murder of a witch. She's killed for cursing a man who rejected her sexual advances. The curse afflicted great physical, and mental pain, and nightmares that led to him torturing her to death. Set in puritanical times. The man is believed to be an ancestor of the killer.
  • Scene 2: cult ritual. A young couple is initiated into a twisted sadist death cult. Their newborn baby is an offering to the demonic gods. The cult is led by a dark priest and his mistress/high priestess. This scene takes place in the secluded woods. The blood sacrifice is offered to the demonic gods while carnal pleasures ensue in a "Caligula" like fashion. At peak gratification, the couple are killed to further the cult leader's sick desires.
  • Scene 3: worried that they have been sighted, the two cult leaders flee the area, and in the process the mistress/high priestess starts to show remorse for her actions. The killer subdues and drugs her after he has a mental breakdown.
  • Scene 4: drug trip scene. She is having a psychedelic trip from the drugs. The high priestess is very unaware of her gruesome disfigurement by the hands of the dark priest/cult leader. The priestess begins to sober up, and realizes that she must navigate through the underground dark labyrinth. Skeletons and impending doom.
  • Scene 5: the cult leader takes to the streets in search of his next victim/mistress.
  • Scene 6: police arrive at the grizzly crime scene where the blood orgy took place.
  • Scene 7: as law enforcement spreads the news of the graphic murders, they scour the streets to try and catch the killer. The killer tracks the girl into a local circus/carnival and confronts her in a house of mirrors/fun house.
  • Scene 8: with super human strength and agility, the killer overpowers and kidnaps his next victim (the girl).
  • Scene 9: unspeakable horrors take place inside a makeshift operating room.
  • Scene 10: death scene. Sad twist of fate: both ex lovers/cult leaders shoot each other. The priestess succumbs to a head wound. Dark priest survives; meanwhile the final girl makes her escape
  • Scene 11: epilogue. The survived girl recalls her harrowing story to reporters.

("Confessions of a Satan Priestess" j-card cassette)

Are you confused? Me too. In any case, we will never be able to see “Confessions…”, but only imagine it. And we imagine it similar to some cult-movies that have troubled our youth such as:

    La corta notte delle bambole di vetro (The short night of the glass dolls, 1971) by Aldo Lado
    Tutti i colori del buio (All the colors of the dark, 1972) by Sergio Martino
    La nuit des traquées (The night of the hunted, 1980) by Jean Rollin
    Lo squartatore di New York (The ripper of New York, 1982) by Lucio Fulci


    Listen to "Confessions of a Satan's Priestess” here:  ULLYSSES & STONE - Confessions of a Satan Priestess"

    And if you wish to buy the cassette...  HERE!


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